The Marano-Grado Lagoon includes the wetlands lying between the mouths of the Isonzo and Tagliamento rivers, an area covering over 16,000 hectares and abounding with inlets, islands, saltmarshes and channels, all together forming an extraordinary, fascinating fishing environment. Six sandbars separate the lagoon from the open sea, regulating the flow of saltwater that moves in and out during high and low tide.

Water is also exchanged between the lagoon and sea thanks to nine different rivers that provide a constant supply of fresh water and whose mouths form excellent fishing grounds.

The stretch of sea in front of the lagoon is also attractive for sport fishing. The numerous canals that connect to the lagoon, extensive Posidonia seagrass beds, submerged islets, and oyster beds provide many areas perfect for fishing, some of which remain unexplored.


The fishing period runs from spring to fall, depending on the seasonal weather conditions. It usually begins in mid-April and lasts until mid-October.


The emblematic fish of the lagoon is the Sea Bass. This amazing predator is widely present in these waters and can grow to a considerable size.

Anglers will have a great time fly fishing or spin fishing for this species, especially using topwater lures. Both the lagoon and the stretch of sea in front of it, are also home to other species, including Bluefish and Leerfish, and during the fall season, you may even be able to hook a Mahi-Mahi.


We firmly believe in catch and release. Every fish caught will be handled with the utmost care, photographed, and then promptly released, causing as little disturbance as possible.

Catch & Release is mandatory!


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